Welcome to geocaching and letterboxing

Hello from my little corner of the web! Whether you are a seasoned geocacher and letterboxer, or you are just wanting to learn more about these fun outdoor treasure hunting games, welcome!

Let me take a moment to introduce myself… My name is Jennifer and I have been geocaching since 2006 and letterboxing since 2008. I started this website to help share my obsession hobby with others and get them as hooked as I am 🙂  I usually go out caching and boxing with my wonderful (almost as obsessed as I am) hubby and my 4 kids.

I learned about geocaching in a round about way because of the tv show Treasure Hunters.  Do you remember that show?  so unfortunate that it was only on for one season.  Anyhoo, I started searching for metal detecting and treasure hunting.  I became fascinated by books that held clues to real-life treasure hunts.  All that led me to a website about Armchair Treasure Hunts.  I started looking through it and came across a forum post about geocaching.  When I looked into it to see what it was, I discovered that there were 200 caches hidden in my small hometown alone.  I immediately bought a GPS and the rest is history.

I got into letterboxing a few years later when I came across a geocaching letterbox hybrid listing.  I was drawn to the crafty side of it – hand carved stamps and homemade log books.  Plus having to decipher clues instead of just following the GPS coordinates made it seem like more of a real treasure hunt.

These days we usually do both geocaching and letterboxing and have even planned entire vacations around these activities.  As I have discovered through the years, the real “treasure” to be found is getting to see all the beauty of the natural world around us.  These 2 hobbies have taken us to some amazing places that we never would have known about if there wasn’t a geocache or letterbox hidden there.

I hope you will stick around a bit and browse through all the posts to see how much fun these outdoor treasure hunting games can be.  If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.  I will get back to you ASAP.