5 Tips for Finding Your First Geocache

Ready to go geocaching for the first time? These tips for finding your first geocache will help ensure you have a successful hunt and are able to log the smiley. When my family first started geocaching, we discovered that there were 15 caches within a 10 mile radius of our house.  So we loaded up the coordinates in our handheld… Read More »

Top 5 Mothers Day Gifts for Geocachers

Looking for a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for that special geocacher in your life?  As both a mom of 4 and a self-professed geocaching fanatic, I have put together a fun list of my top 5 picks for Mothers Day gifts for geocachers. I know everyone’s go-to gift for Mother’s Day is a bouquet of flowers.  Can I… Read More »

Geocaching Supply List ~ 10 Essentials You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

Ready to go on your first geocaching outing?  I thought it would be helpful to put together a handy geocaching supply list of essential gear that you should take along on every geocaching outing. If you are going to be out geocaching all day and doing a lot of hiking, you really should consider taking having a dedicated geocaching backpack.… Read More »

Relive Your Adventures With a Letterboxing Smash Book

Re-live your letterboxing adventures by making a Letterboxing Smash Book. Instead of just stamping in a logbook, keep a Smash book that includes photos, memorabilia, journaling, and more. If you have never heard of letterboxing before – read this. Letterboxing 101 – Everything You Need To Know To Get Started I have always had a letterboxing logbook to collect all… Read More »

Geocaching Swag Ideas – Little Treasures Add Up to Big Geocaching Fun!

Want to get involved in the trading part of geocaching?  Keep reading to discover some fun geocaching swag ideas to get you started. What is Geocaching Swag? You probably won’t have been geocaching for long before you encounter the term geocaching swag.  You may be wondering what that is.  Geocaching swag is a term people use when they are… Read More »

Letterboxing 101 – Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Does the warmer weather have you looking for a fun outdoor activity that your family can do for free?  Then you might want to look into letterboxing.  It’s an outdoor treasure hunt game similar to geocaching, but there is no expensive equipment to buy.  Letterboxing combines treasure hunting, puzzle solving, and a bit of art into an fun-filled… Read More »